Proprietress Welcome address

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to welcome all our returning pupils back to school and to say thank you to their parents for having that confidence in us by entrusting in our care your precious little angels. And to our new pupils and their parents we say welcome on board , you’ve chosen the right place to nurture, groom and educate your angels as they are going to have a remarkable experience of a lifetime .

Though our school and facility is relatively young , you will marvel at the standard of our education and our end products which are our pupils . The performance of our children over the years have remained topmost and we intend to keep it at that level.

To keep us at the top where we belong we have continued to ensure that we invest only in the best for the benefit of our children. We go the extra mile to get the best of teachers and modern teaching materials to enable them deliver at their very best. Our new and old staff have had to be taken through series of training in the last week before school resumption to ensure they understand our expectations and buy into the ethics and ethos of the school as well as learn the use of our modern equipment.

We wish to assure all our parents that the interest and benefit to our children and their parents remain the cornerstone of all our activities at Royal Smart Kids School. No one likes to change a winning team and we believe that our work and our products will continue to speak for us.

We wish to sincerely thank some of our parents who referred friends and relatives to us for their referrals and to plead with others not to hesitate to do the same. We are expanding and progressively making giant strides. We remain committed to making a difference in the lives of your children, our pupils as we work at bringing out the best in them.

We welcome you and all our pupils to this new session and pray for God’s guidance, protection , mercy and love on each and everyone as we inch towards the end of the year 2016 .

Dr. (Mrs) Funmilayo Olatunji,