nursery1The age range is between 3-4 years. In this class the children are exposed to a lot of exciting skills such as Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Social Studies, Montessori Practical Learning Exercise and Sensorial.
In Literacy the students learn about phonemic awareness and skills which equip the child for identification of letters, writing and reading, while in Numeracy, number sense, identification of solid shapes and measurement are introduced. Valuable skills are taught in science and social studies using hands on materials and also with the use of e-learning interactive board. Story time is usually an amazing time in class, our art and craft corner is wow! Other core activities are speech, sensorial and practical life exercises which are usually mind blowing.
We unravel the natural curiosity of the child and channel it towards a fruitful direction. We lay the foundation of lifelong learning.

nursery2A home away from home, where we breed “rare gems”
The age range is between 4 -5 years.
Our instructional program focuses on the development of the whole child with emphasis on his or her unique strengths and needs. Hence our curriculum is so designed to provide individualized development program for each child based on his or her individual developmental rate of intellectual growth.
In Numeracy we teach students to sum up numbers using critical thinking, solve subtraction problems, multiplication, division, fraction, ordinal numbers and lots more.
We believe learning should be fun.
Our first priority in the nurseries is to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere combined with a sense of order and security. Once children feel at home in the classroom environment and also understand acceptable behaviour, the purpose of acquiring necessary skills and concepts can begin.
By the end of their two-year period in the nursery, many children would have already learned to read. They would have learnt to recognise and spell common words and read them in sentences and learnt to use books for enjoyment and reference. They would have begun to write simple stories by themselves and developed a good understanding of numbers and shapes.
The Montessori teaching methods are used freely in all our early year learning period with the teachers taking the children through Sensorial, Tactile ,Practical life as well as Geography and Mathematics in addition to our other established curicullum.
At Royal Smart Kids School we believe in the importance of exchange of information to update parents on the daily activities of their children and for that purpose we have the communication book which serves as a daily exchange information tool between parents and teachers . We appreciate comments and observation from our parents.
Children in the nursery, are given homework, and parents are expected to supervise their homework.

primaryCurriculum2In line with our mission of providing world class education, Royal Smart Kids School offer an enriched school-developed curriculum, our curriculum is a rich and unique blend of the best from British, America and Nigeria curriculum.
We have identified learning outcomes at each stage of development and use up to date teaching methodologies quality textbooks, materials and resources.
Children are encouraged to pay attention in the class and participate actively in lessons.
The Primary School run a Six-Year Programme. The objective of the academic programme is to develop the knowledge and intellectual skills required for success.
Parents are to assist their children where necessary.
Continuous Assessment is all through each term and this makes up part of the term’s total mark of the end of the term examination.
⦁    Mathematics
⦁    Grammar
⦁    Spelling
⦁    Comprehension
⦁    Sciences
⦁    ICT
⦁    Quantitative Aptitude
⦁    Verbal Aptitude
⦁    Social Studies
⦁    Geography
⦁    Creative Writing
⦁    CRK
⦁    French
⦁    Yoruba
⦁    Music
⦁    Fine Art