Creche & Playgroup

creche2(3 Months – 18 Months)
Our teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to your baby to instill trust and provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration and communication.
Our crèche provide individualized bedding and closets for each baby making cleanliness our watchword and priority.
Our crèche play area is filled with educational toys and books that help your baby develop at his or her own pace. Our teachers also work with the parents to ensure a balance of home and school. Together they develop the child’s daily schedule including naptimes, playtimes and bottle times.

playgroup2(1½ – 2 ½ Years)
Great developmental strides are made in our toddler program. From baby’s first steps, to learning to share, to potty training…. And of course, discovering the answers to the favourite toddlers question, “why?”
They enjoy a daily balance of activities. Circle time incorporates stories and songs that encourage language skills and social growth. Children are guided through activities that strengthen gross motor skills and fine motor skills. They learn how to sort, match, count and recognize numbers, and also with the use of Montessori sensorial materials in order to enhance the development of their tactile sense.
All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.
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