Royal Smart Kids School started as a Creche, Playgroup and Preparatory school in October 2011 to provide a home away from home environment for babies and infants whose parents have to complement the household in financing the family’s budget. The concept and start up was the idea of a medical doctor whose passion and love for children and being a working mother/grandmother herself understood the need for a place where quality and dedicated care will be provided for babies and children while their parents are at work.
Royal Smart Kids School has been designed to provide an unparalleled child and day care service within the environment and that was why from inception such services as Monthly Paediatrician’s visit and Consultation to monitor babies growth along right developmental milestones were introduced .
The Creche and day care services has steadily grown over the years with many of our children doing well at interviews to Nursery and Primary classes in Prime Schools within the area. This along with the request and desire of parents to have their children continue at Royal Smart Kids gave the needed impetus to start the Primary Section of the school in September 2015 .
The School has a well packaged curriculum that boasts of a blend of Nigerian,British and American curriculum with Montessori technique and applications. This becomes necessary in view of our desire to provide world class education for our children .

To be a one stop center for Nurturing, Grooming and providing solid education background for future leaders .
To create an enabling environment where adequate and appropriate learning techniques are used to prepare children for future educational challenges .
To deliver world class education to children and also inculcate high moral and ethical values in them as we prepare them for a life of service and fulfilment.
• Commitment to the development of the total child
• Commitment to world class education
• Integrity, ethics and high moral standards
. Discipline , Innovation
• Service to the community and humanity .

(3 Months – 18 Months)
Our teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to our babies to instill trust and provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration and communication.
Our crèche provide individualized bedding and closets for each baby making cleanliness our watchword and priority.
Our crèche play area is filled with educational toys and books that help our babies develop at his or her own pace. Our teachers also work with the parents to ensure a balance of home and school. Together they develop the child’s daily schedule including naptimes, playtimes and bottle times.

PLAYGROUP (Toddlers)
(1½ – 2 ½ Years)
Great developmental strides are made in our toddler program. From baby’s first steps, to learning to share, to potty – training…. And of course, discovering the answers to the favourite toddlers question, “why?”
They enjoy a daily balance of activities. Circle time incorporates stories and songs that encourage language skills and social growth. Children are guided through activities that strengthen gross motor skills and fine motor skills. They learn how to sort, match, count and recognize numbers, and also with the use of Montessori sensorial materials in order to enhance the development of their tactile sense.
All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.
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Nursery and Primary Curriculum focuses on building three major classes of skills that will ensure excellence in all facets of life. These are Basic Skills of Reading, Writing and Numeracy. Thinking Skills – Creativity, Information Processing, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Discernment and Listening Skills etc. Social Skills of Responsibility, Self-Esteem, Team work and Collaboration are also taught .
This is supported by extensive co-curricular, social and civic activities, personal and character developing activities.

The age range is between 3-4 years. In this class the children are exposed to a lot of exciting skills such as Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Social Studies, Montessori Practical Learning Exercise and Sensorial .
In Literacy the students learn about phonemic awareness and skills which equip the child for identification of letters, writing and reading, while in Numeracy, number sense, identification of solid shapes and measurement are introduced. Valuable skills are taught in science and social studies using hands on materials and also with the use of e-learning interactive board. Story time is usually an amazing time in class, our art and craft corner is wow! Other core activities are speech, sensorial and practical life exercises which are usually mind blowing.
We unravel the natural curiosity of the child and channel it towards a fruitful direction as we lay the foundation of lifelong learning.

A home away from home, where we breed “rare gems”
The age range is between 4 -5 years.
Our instructional program focuses on the development of the whole child with emphasis on his or her unique strengths and needs. Hence our curriculum is so designed to provide individualized development program for each child based on his or her individual developmental rate of intellectual growth.
In Numeracy we teach students to sum up numbers using critical thinking, solve subtraction problems, multiplication, division, fraction, ordinal numbers and lots more.
We believe learning should be fun.
Our first priority in the nurseries is to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere combined with a sense of order and security. Once children feel at home in the classroom environment and also understand acceptable behaviour, the purpose of acquiring necessary skills and concepts can begin.
By the end of their two-year period in the nursery, many children would have already learned to read. They would have learnt to recognise and spell common words and read them in sentences and learnt to use books for enjoyment and reference. They would have begun to write simple stories by themselves and developed a good understanding of numbers and shapes.
The Montessori teaching methods are used freely in all our early year learning period with the teachers taking the children through Sensorial, Tactile ,Practical life as well as Geography and Mathematics in addition to our other established curicullum.

At Royal Smart Kids School we believe in the importance of exchange of information to update parents on the daily activities of their children and for that purpose we have the communication book which serves as a daily exchange information tool between parents and teachers . We appreciate comments and observation from our parents .
Children in the nursery, are given homework, and parents are expected to supervise their homework

In line with our mission of providing world class education, Royal Smart Kids School offer an enriched school-developed curriculum, our curriculum is a rich and unique blend of the best from British, America and Nigeria curriculum.
We have identified learning outcomes at each stage of development and use up to date teaching methodologies ,quality textbooks, materials and resources. Our Montessori teaching techniques are still very much in use especially for our Mathematics,Geography and Practical life teaching .

1. Mathematics
2. English Grammar
3. Spelling
4. Comprehension
5. Sciences
6. ICT
7. Quantitative Aptitude
8. Verbal Aptitude
9. Social Studies
10. Geography
11. Creative Writing
12. CRK
13. French
14. Yoruba
15. Music
16. Fine Art
The e- learner for kids system of teaching is operational in our school for majority of the subjects listed above for all Grades 1-6 classes and this makes learning fun and very interactive .
Children are therefore encouraged to pay attention and participate actively during lessons.

The Primary School run a Six-Year Programme. The objective of the academic programme is to develop the knowledge and intellectual skills required for success in life.
Parents are to assist their children where necessary.
Continuous Assessment is taken throughout each term and this forms part of the term’s total mark at the end of the term examination.

The school runs a session of three terms with a maximum of twelve (12) weeks per term.
The Nursery and Primary school observe all public holidays declared by the Federal and Lagos State Government.
Creche/Playgroup 6:30am – 6:00pm (Monday – Friday)
Nursery/Primary – 7:45am – 2:15pm (Monday – Friday)

The major activities held in school are as follows:
• Open House
Open House is a special day set aside in the middle of the term when parents come to the school to discuss the performance of their children with the teachers and the School Management and also discuss ways in which the school and home can work together to bring out the children’s best potentials.
• Spelling Bee
• Colour Day
• Professional Day
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Excursions and Field Trips.

There are various clubs that children can join to develop their skills and interest . Some of the clubs available are :
Music Club : Children get to learn about and play different musical instruments .
Dancing Club : within this group exist the Ballet Group. The Traditional dancing Group and the Hip Hop group

Children must be 3 Months old at the time of admission.
Playgroup (Toddlers)
15months to 30months
Children must be three (3) years in the year of their admission.
For admission of children into Grade 1 , he/she must be five (5) years old in the year of admission.

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